Rev. Donald and Dorothy McGaughy

Life Tabernacle Pentecostal Church began when God gave one man a vision, so he and his wife took the vision and it become a reality.

The church was established by Rev. Donald and Dorothy McGaughy.

In the year of our Lord, 1976, November 6th
We had our humble beginning, located at 727 Taylor Street.
It was an old deserted feed store. We leased it for one year.
We worshiped in that location for a year until our lease was up November 6th, 1977.

The Lord said it was time to move forward. The old church come up for rent on Breckenridge. I rented the old Baptist church building there.

We considered purchasing that property, but the basement flooded. The building was in need of a lot of repair. It was a nice size church building that the Baptist organization wanted to sell. The Lord checked my spirit and I didn’t feel like that was where the Lord wanted us to be. So i passed it by. We worshiped there for 2 years. When one door closes God opens another.

Pastor Rev. Jonathan and Jennifer McGaughy

The property come up for sale at 3404 Mathis Road. It was the former Church Of God. We purchased that building and renovated it. We worshiped there for 21 years until he Lord said it was time to build. We saw many souls saved in that 21 years and miracle after miracle in that period of time. For that we give God all the glory.

My wife, daughter and Bro Burcham, which is my son-in-law and myself was sitting around talking on Sunday afternoon at our house. My wife said to me, I hear the property behind our house is up for sale. Why don’t you and Joe drive down and take a look at the land? I said, we can’ afford to buy it right now. She encouraged me to do so. So, Bro Burcham and myself drove down and walked over the land. We decided it would be prime property to build a church on. Thank God for a good wife who listens when God speaks. We drove down to the property. The gentleman who owned the property just happened to be there. Bro Burcham and I talked and I made him an offer, he refused. But before I could get back to my truck, he called me and said; preacher I accept your offer.

We purchased the land, paid for it in less than 18 months. Moving forward we begin to clear the land with the help of Bro Joe Burcham and others. He brought his equipment in and cleared the trees and underbrush and cleaned the property up. Getting it ready to build what God had commissioned me to do. My wife and I begin to fast and pray for the Lord to provide the funds to build. To erect a new facility for worship. I Bro McGaughy told the Lord, if you want a church, then God you provide the funds. I refuse to borrow any money and in debt the people. The Lord provided and we moved in debt free.

Best of all, we had a people who had a mind to work. Giving of their time and finance’s moving to a brand new facility erected in 7 days, a 50 x 175 ft long building. God so wondrously blessed this people with. My wife and I worked side by side pulling together to have a blessed and successful church. God has blessed this people abundantly, all because one man had a vision to build for the kingdom of God.

We moved into the facility in 2005.

Our Pastor Rev. Jonathan McGaughy has taken the church and is moving forward.

God is blessing abundantly. We welcome you to come worship with us any service you can.